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  Name:Tubing Radial Seal Test Press


1, pipeline characteristics and test press of Applied Introduction
YGSJ tubing is used to test presses Φ60-Φ114 pipeline pressure test using special equipment, using a large radial clearance seal, at this stage pipeline pressure test commonly used at home and abroad the best way to pressure test a pipeline an average of about 3 minutes.
Polyurethane seal material is produced, with good elasticity, abrasion, repeated and long service life, its side around with varying amounts of steel booster block, with a seal to help seal and rebound.
O-ring seal is a high-pressure piston pump for pressure sealing, pressure sealing points to the two stages
1, pre-sealed, for water pressure control in the 3MPa pressure after the water pipe can be
2 until after the pipeline filled with water, while at the same time seals and test water pressure booster, seals and the water balance within the test pressure can be, to achieve the required pressure test the pressure, the regulator 10 seconds, no leakage can, after pressure relief waterproof.
2, mechanical equipment, the main structure and application of
1, the host part:
The structural characteristics of the host are: sealed at both ends of the first in the motor-driven, you can rack inward and outward along the track at the same time or separately within the movement. Head of the front-end is the placement of seal body position, body at the top of its head configured to connect pressurized piston pump centrifugal pump water processing, its possession on the road with a one-way control valve.
The host is also equipped with: 1) dial into the feeder tube, 2) the middle and out of delivery tube machine, 3) Hydraulic tube clip clamp, 4) roller, 5) (placed in the output orbit) The grant of tube machine, 6) hydraulic station
2, water supply components: centrifugal pump
3, pressurization system: high-pressure piston pump, for ring seals and water pressure test
4, the operation control system: machine operation using PLC system that can automatically operation and manual operation.
Third, the use of the scope and technical parameters
A scope of application: Tubing specifications Φ60.3mm, Φ73mm, Φ88.9mm, Φ101.6mm, Φ107mm, Φ114.3 mm
2, tube Long Range: 8000 mm - 9600 mm
(Note: This piece of tubing pressure test requires that the principal Φ73mm, Φ88.9mm, tube length ibid., according to the above-mentioned two kinds of pipeline configuration seals and related accessories)
3, pressure test conditions: tubing at one end with a thread the other end with a pressure test tube hoop
4, maximum test pressure: 30MPa
5, pressure test time / root: about 3 minutes / root (diameter different)
6, regulator time / root: 10 seconds / root
7, pressure test medium: water (emulsifier)
8, the motor total power: 44KW


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