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  Name:Tubing Tester


Note: GYSJ—60/178—70 tubing tester is a 70Mpa single tubing tester which use (no bacl tongs clamping) tubing (casing) firstly in china.
It adopts the international standards design.It can make High-Voltage Experimentation to thetubing,so it assures that there is no leak source on it.It also makes the tubing not to be damaged by the back tongs .It will not impair the tubing yield strength.
1.Application and Features
GYSJ—60/178—70 tubing tester iis a special device for tubings (casing) doing bulge test in oil machine.It can do the one minute high voltage withstand test at rated frequency (NO leak) when  tubings (casings ) leave the factory and after they are repaired.It is manipulated by electronic control .It is an electric machine and hydraulic pressure all-in-one device.It is one of the latest products which are developed by our company.The technology is in the lead in the same industry.
Its functions are loss of phase , over loading ,overcurrent protection facilities of the system power and emergency out-off. It is a high reliability normal safe running device.
The tester uses “ industry computer and PLC” control program.It can finish the test the pressure course full automaticly .
It is a single tubing tester.There are main features as follows:
1、It uses an advanced steel skeleton external contracting large gap sealing technology.Seal safely and reliably,changed seal components conveniently, flexibly and timesaving.
2、The tester uses a brand-new inclined plane clamping technology, dexterity of action, safe and reliable.It will renduce the possibility of the tubing body bending to the full.At the same time it will obviously weaken the demand of the body intension.It will become more handiness and durable.
3、The machine uses only one strengthening healthy energy back tong..It reduces the damage to the tubing greatly.
4、The CYKO drives the car, steadily and quickly.
5、When testing the pressure ,the high-duty centrifugal pump injects water.The high-pressure pump pressurizes,it will fully satisfy the need of testing pressure.
6、It uses an advanced photoelectric control technology, safe and reliable in testing.
2.Technical parameters
GYSJ—60/178—70 tubing tester
1、Application: tubing diameterΦ60—Φ178(mm), length 8 m— 12 m
2、Max testing pressure in tubings: 70Mpa
3、Testing time: 2—3 minutes (except holdup time)
4、Testing medium :water
5、Liquid system rated pressure: high pressure 14 Mpa, low pressure  7 Mpa;
6、Liquid system rated flow : 130 L/min;
7、Total power of equipment(kw): 30 kw
(1)   Hydraulic power supply
The Hydraulic power supply is made up of an oil cylinder ,a hydraulic pump,an electrical machine, hydraulic parts and so on.
It chooses the vane pump as the drive.It will make the power supply to come out large discharge when underloading and come out little discharge when high loading.So it will improve work efficiency,reduce total power.
(2) Control Panel
It consists of hydraulic control elements and electrical control elements.It can finish the whole machine contrlling.
(3) The host
The host is the main part of the tester.It is made up of a frame,an end cover assembly,a wedge cited back tong, a wedge cited folder-watt support, a travelling car, a centralizer back tong, a loading and unloading device, a supporting roller mechanism and so on.The affusion and pressure testing etc.will be finished by the host totally.
(4) Water supply
Water supply is made up of a low pressure high-duty centrifugal pump and a high-pressure pump.After fixing the test tubing to the host.The machine drive the traveling car and let the end cover assembly move.It will make two terminals of the tubing to go into the end cover respectively.The high pressure water will seal two terminals,and then fill the tubing with water by the high-duty centrifugal pumpYou can use the high-pressure pump to test the pressure.
4.Usage and demands
(1)Before using the tester ,you should fixed it on the base.Link the high pressure tubing and connect power.Adjust the overflow valve of the pump.Set the work pressure,and then adjust the overflow valve on the pump to certain pressure, stand-by.Before the water pump and high-pressure pump work,you should put water in them.
(2) When using,you should use it according to its process program.S ee it as follows’chart:
(3)The end cover assembly are controlled by the photoelectric switch, operational reliability.If you discover the the switch is out of control, please stop running , and prevent the machine impacting ,and it will damage the gadgets.
5.Care and maintenance
(1)The roller chains and chain wheels are easy workout parts.When the roller chains are weared  to a degree,You should change them timely.
(2) I t is necessary to clean the machine and add oil on it regularly .
(3) Fixed pressure can’t be adjusted at will.
6.maintenance and repair
(1)Keep the control cabinet and operation panel clean, keep the label complete, the marked with signs clear. Prevent the mistake operation happening.If it hanppens,it will bring unnecessary device,machine, electical trouble.
(2) Regularly and irregularly clean dirty things in the control cabinet.oil and water are prohibited into the cabinet.No blocking,pressing ,stepping,smashing, drawing the cables which are linked by the cabinet and unloading side.Avoid short circuit and cause the device and human accidents.
(3)At all times look over if all the parts’  bolt of the photoelectric switch is loose,.and the change of position and angle.Avoid out of control and car accident.
(4) At all times observe the voltage ,electric current and conductor temperature.If discover abnormal phenomena,,please stop the machine and check it,deal with it timely.
7.Brief summary
GYSJ—60/178—70 tubing(casing) tester is a new tester which is developed by our company.We will continuously drive better products to the market in oder to satisfy customers’needs. Provide our service to oil field construction.


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