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  Name:Tubing Tester


1.BSTF-70 overview
    BSTF-70 tubing tester is the third generation new tester which we develop forhydraulic testing ofnew and old tubings(include one end coupling.It are applicable to new and old tubings whole pressure test(it is a a single tubing tester.Its main characteristics are as follows:
1 The general arrangement and structure are reasonable, technologyc is advanced,the operation is reliable.
2 The seal head use an advanced structural traps.It can be sealed radially(the intine and ektexine  fo the tubing),and it also can seal on transverse plane.So seal relable ,it is the biggest characteristics of this machine.
3 The feeding oil dylinder can prevent cylinder barrel intine , the surface of piston rod being pulled.It will prolong the lifetime of oil cylinder.
4 The feeding oil dylinder can guarantee that the tubing of the length scope of 8.6~10m do the hydraulic testing;
5 The high pressure reciprocating pump can  pressurize directly,quickly.
6 The work efficiency is higher,In 1.5-2 minutes it can finished one tubings.
2.Introduction to Structure
1  Two pressure test platforms.It can be fixed every kinds of devices ,such as :back tongs,a bracket,a handling equipment for machine loading or unloading,a running gear and so on.
 2 Four back tongs .They can clamp tubings,overcome radial force which produce when pressure test,and prevent the tubings becoming flexural deformation.One of them can move on the platform by the tubing,and finish every kinds of works.
3 Three brackets.They can support the tubing and adjust that the centerline of the tubing are in line with the centerline of the pressure test.
4 There are two handling equipments for machine loading or unloading.After testing the pressure of the tubing,it will transport the tubing to the next working procedure (or the storing bracket)

5 The running gear: it can finish with telescopic oil tube.It will can guarantee that the tubing of the length scope of 8.6~10m do the hydraulic testing;
6 Two terminals of the tubing are sealed by the special sealhead device.Keep the testing pressure not to leak at 20MPa.
7 There are the oil cylinder,the hydraulic unit auxiliary facilities.It will provide pressure oil to hydraulic system continuously,make sure that hydraulic components and hydraulic devices are normal.
8 In order to test water pressure smoothly,there are the water pump, affusion, decompression devices and add the high pressure reciprocating pump, pressurizing directly.That will make it fast.
9 There is a special electric console panel on the machine.
3.Technical Parameter
BSTF-70 application
The tubing diameterΦ60~Φ114mm
The tubing length  8.6~10m
Testing pressure (water pressure)  20MPa
Testing time 1.5~2 minutes
Testing medium water
Hydraulic System Working Pressure 5~15Mpa
Total power of equipment 56KW
4.Usages and demands
1.Preparatory work

(1) There is a pool, abundant water,good water pump,clean water quality.

(2)The oil pressure is over the calibration of the oil box liquid indicator

(3)The tester keep in good conditions .

(4)According to the tubing diameter,you can adjust the bracket height.The centerline of the tubing are in line with the centerline of the pressure test.

(1)Put the tubing on the testing bracket.

(2) Start feeding oil dylinder,put two terminals of tubings into the seal device.
(Note)There is a affusion,pressuing hole on one terminal.

(3) Turn off unloading valve,
(4)After injecting water,turn off water pump,four back tongs are clamped simultaneously.

(5)Start the high pressure reciprocating pump, pressurize to 20Mpa,keep for 3 seconds.

(6) Decompress with the unloading valve

(7)Take feeding oil dylinder,set down the tubing two terminals sea device.
(8)Loose the back tongs.
(9) Laying-off device take the tubing to the next working procedure.


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